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Hello, my name is Josh and here you can find all the healing and readings available. I hope I can help you connect and heal in a safe environment. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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My name is Josh I have worked in the care environment for seven years, I have cared for both the elderly and people with learning disabilities. However, I have always been a spiritual person and had a lot of experiences with spirit growing up. It was personal loss that led me to start looking into finding a way to use my gifts to help others and I started to take classes and since 2017 I have started to share my work with readings, blessing and healing work.

I am a fully qualified Reiki master

I am also trained as a Holistic Crystal Healer

I am also trained as a Past Life Regressionist and and Dream Caller

I work with the spirits around me and my main spirit guides to give messages insight and healing.

I am fully licenced and insured

Many Blessings xx


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